Installation from 2012


One of the main reasons I blog is to create a scrapbook of my past and current work. Otherwise I could forget some of the things I have done.

These are pics I dug up of my first installation exhibited in the Ohio Theater ticket booth in the heart of downtown Columbus. I was super excited to be picked as one of thirteen well known and amazing local artist apart of this public art project (CAP-UP)

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This piece titled “My Home” was part love letter and part personal history of my time in Columbus.

My plan with this installation was to create a piece that any Columbus resident can connect to. I constructed over 30 houses out of various materials to represent the economic, and social diversity of the city. Some houses were suspended in the air and also laid on top of a map of the city. If one were to observe closely they would find popular and also lesser known landmarks images are featured the map. Also, QR codes which contained the narratives of several Columbus residents (including my own) were embedded on several houses.

The end result was an intricate and layered art work that I am still proud of.

Love, Memory, Hope and Faith

So I am honored to be apart of another CAW (Creative Arts of Women) exhibit at High Road Gallery. Here are two pieces (out of four) fresh from the studio and made just for this show. Instead of my usual mixed media on canvas these beauties are made on canvas textured art board. The faces are still rendered in oil and the hair and background are done in acrylic. I utilized discarded book pages, handmade paper, and specialty origami paper ( lovingly and painstakingly brought back from a recent trip to the Japanese Center in SF).

The theme of this show is “House on Fire: What Really Matters” and so I titled my pieces after the things that would matter most to me if I lost all my material things. At the end of the day love, faith, hope and the memory what used to be would matter most in order to move forward.

love memory


Blast from the past pt. 1

This still remains one of my favorite paintings of all time. I did this one back in 2005. I started the hair series back in 2004 and have evolved the idea over the years. “Dviza” still hangs on my wall. I used to exhibit her often and I still lend her out from time to time,  but she can’t be bought for silver or gold.


Saying Goodbye

Sometimes I think of selling my artwork as the equivalent of working a pet store. I get so emotionally attached to a painting that I just want to see it go to a good and loving home. Well, one of my favorite paintings is currently in route to some good friends in a beautiful suburb outside of Chicago. When I say good friends I mean “show up at your doorstep at 3am” good friends. Very recently my family and I were on our way to San Francisco with what was supposed to be a small layover in Chicago. A nasty storm was raging and after getting to Chicago we got word around 3am  that our connecting flight to SF was cancelled. Without any hesitation our friends told us to come and stay with them until our next flight. Needless to say it’s good to have good friends.

I exhibited “View from Here” in some great venues and she was even my Facebook profile pic for a good long while. I’m extremely critical of my paintings so it is very occasional that I actually like one and rare that one is my favorite. While I am  sad to see her go, I’m also  elated that she will be in the company of such great friends.


Sweet Review!!!

Legendary Columbus artists Kojo Kamau and Pepper Johnson have promoted and advocated for community artists for decades through the organization Art for Community Expression (better known as ACE). Ann Starr of blog The Starr Review wrote this lovely piece about this show. Oh yeah, I got a little mention too! Check it out

In addition it is a really well written and beautiful blog (I should ask Ann for some pointers). You can see the whole blog at

New Beginning

I’m guilty. Life got in the way and I’ve let my blog fall to the wayside. My days are spent taking care of my two lovely young kids and my evenings are spent in my attic studio.  On the heels of another birthday I’ve decided to give blogging another shot and this time I promise to make a good effort. Please hold me to it.