Happy 2016: A Year at a Glance!

Happy New Year! There were so many things to be grateful for and  I’m looking forward to what is in store in 2016. Here’s a short recap of what I was up to last year.

1.New Studio- moved from my former studio (the attic of my in-laws house) to a space around the corner from my kid’s school. I always thought about my identity as an artist as being completely separate from being a mother. Perhaps subconsciously I situate my art making so that I can be near my children. My first studio space was ideal since my mother in law lived across the street and would keep the children for me. As my both my kids got older and began going to school full-time the new studio location is within walking distance.

2. Broken Eggs! I was invited to be apart of a wonderful fundraising project speared by lawyer and art collector Charles Bluestone. Over 20 Ohio based artists were charged with the task of making art out of an ostrich egg in order to raise funds for the Ohio Art League’s permanent gallery space. My egg smashed into pieces and I just ran with it. Check out my egg along with some other titanic talent at http://www.arthatchingacrossohio.com/artist-eggs/

3. Florida- I hopped a plane with my partner in crime Stephanie Rond and poet extraordinaire Anisa Gandevivala  to participate in “Breaking Tradition: A Women’s Art Symposium.” We each presented our work in a 30 minute presentation and facilitated art making workshops all day. In my workshop I had students and adults each create a 4 x 4 canvas and attached it to a 8 ft x 4ft surface. It hangs in the Winter Springs High School library. I must also sing the praises of  the incomparable Sherry Peters who meticulously and wonderfully organized this event. Every single school in America should covet an educator as dedicated and as wonderful as Sherry!!! Oh, yeah we also got up close and personal with alligators!

4. Stretching, Growing, Learning- this year I started some work that challenged me. “Make Your Peace” began as a part of me working through some hard questions about my faith to becoming a commentary on the unjust and untimely deaths of young black men. Bullets, blessing gestures, liquor bottle shrines, and broken mirrors were the result.

4. Shows, Shows, Shows- This year I exhibited my work in big venues, small spaces and everything in between. I finally applied and got accepted into my  first nationally juried show at the National Afro American Museum and Cultural Center in Wilberforce, OH. I also took a chance and had a wildly successful exhibit at a friends apartment.

5. Girl Scouts- this has nothing to do with art but I became a Girl Scouts leader for my daughters Daisy troop.


Giving Thanks: 5 Things artists should be grateful about

Just returned from a big delicious Thanksgiving feast with my family and I have too many blessings to count.  Here is a list of things that all artist (visual artists, writers, performers, filmmakers, and all creatives) should be thankful for:

1) You are your own boss

Nobody tells you when, where, or how to make your art. You call the shots and conversely your success and failure is largely up to you.

2) Art is a high calling

You are one of the lucky folks who have a passion. Many people spend their lives doing unfulfilling work and never find their true purpose. For most artists making arts goes beyond just doing something that makes them happy but their art becomes a part of their identity.

3) You see the world differently

Thanks to your beautiful right brain you see things differently. As an artist you will find inspiration in seemingly mundane things. I have always long admired comedians for their ability to make brilliant jokes out of simple observations. For many artists life becomes a  muse.  Art teaches you to observe life and the world and you can choose to replicate what you see or imagine a different reality. Right now the world needs more people loving, praying and art. More than ever the world needs artists just as much as it needs scientists, and engineers.

4) Great company

Many of the great movements in history are centered around a group of innovative and interesting people. As an artist you are probably in the company of other awesome artists and creative folks who make stuff happen. Nothing great happens in a vacuum.  It takes a community of people encouraging and helping each other to make great art and positive things happen.

5) Joy

This should really be self explanatory. Making art is a source of empowerment and joy.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy this list!

Updates Galore!


I’ve been a busy gal recently. Too busy to even update this blog. First thing is the Creative Arts of Women exhibit at the Ohio State University Urban Arts Space.  Perhaps our best group show yet. My work titled “Make Your Peace” is part memorial shrine, and part religious triptych. Check out the article by Jesse Tigges of Columbus Alive:

http://www.columbusalive.com/content/stories/2015/05/ Continue reading

Pop Up Show and Studio Clearance

I’m cleaning house. Parting with some older paintings that I don’t plan to exhibit anymore. Some paintings have never been exhibited outside of my studio or house. I’m making room for a big new series of paintings.

So if you are in town come on down to 17 E Tulane Ave (Open Heart Studios/ It Looks Like Its Open) on Saturday March 28th 3-7pm.

There will be even more works by my wonderful studio mates Heidi Kambitsch and Ryan Agnew!!

New Year New Possibilities

The catchphrase for 2015 is new! New space, new outlook, new year, and new work of course. My year began with moving into a new studio and I’ve hit the ground running working on a new body of work. My new series will explore themes of divinity, and the commonality of cultures, and belief systems. We shall see how it goes. New posts with pics to come soon!


New Series: Something Blue

We All Try Struggle and Progress Enchanted One Something Blue “Something Blue” has been a year in the works. It all started with a painting I did for a a group show called “Transitions” with Mother Artists at Work.  “Something Blue” was created using my shredded credit cards, a Swiss franc from a previous trip, and automobile glass collected from when someone broke my car windows and stole my car stereo. These objects might seem purely decorative but they directly tell my personal story about coming of age as a millennial.  “Something Blue” was the key painting which inspired my most recent body of work which relates to the young modern bride and the anticipation of matrimony. I created 12 new painting for this series and had the honor of exhibiting them in a solo show at NX Gallery. In my bride series I attempt to evoke the transitional nature of identity which becomes even more fluid and unstable when entering the state of marriage. Instead of presenting a commentary about marriage I am more interested in representing the emotions involved in this transitory stage of “becoming one with another.”


Having an art history background I always feel compelled to find commonalities in art and categorize them. Whenever my husband and I  were out and about  we noticed that there are other local artists were working in themes similar to mine. Woman’s face and abstracted hair/and or body. As an avid pinner I also noticed similar themes being explored throughout the country. I was excited by the possibility that I was apart of something larger. My work and other artists doing similar work were making things that are the hallmark of the time we live in. Time will only tell but I couldn’t help but think that all these paintings that combine the human figure with abstracted hair could potentially signify a style and thematic preoccupation particular to this decade, or perhaps the century. Now I will be absolutely clear in saying that Gustav Klimt and other modernists are major influences in my work. Klimt did the same thing by rendering a realistic figure and juxtaposing it with a patterned surface which space became blurred (as most backgrounds and foregrounds in his paintings were indistinguishable) and abstract and figurative elements were harmoniously married together. As for my work I’m currently interested in marriage of other contrasts decorative/substantive, surface/metaphysical, intellectual/spiritual, emotion/thought, universal/specific, process/result to name a few.

2014 Winter/Spring Exhibitions

I am excited to announce that I have six upcoming exhibitions!

Psychenwelic (SI-ken-yu-WEL-ic)
Second Sight Gallery and Studio
February 8th- March 15th
Reception: February 8th 1-4pm

Civil Rights in America:Black History Celebration Show
James A. Rhodes State Office Tower
February 1st- February 28th

Creative Arts of Women: Exchanges
Fort Hayes Shot Tower
March 3rd- April 4th
Reception: March 20th 6-8pm

Creative Women of Color: Visible/Invisible
Carnegie Gallery Columbus Metropolitan Library
March 13th-April 25th
Reception: March 13 6-8pm

Creative Women of Color: Fruits of the Spirit
First Presbyterian Church (East Broad Street)
April 10th- May 14th

Art Unbound




This fall  Friends of the Columbus Metropolitan Library challenged 17 crazy talented local artists  and me to take books no longer in the library’s collection and to make new creations from them. This show is ridiculously good and I’m not saying that just because I’m apart of it. A couple of my art buds who were also participating shared some of our “in progress” work, and let me tell you it was amazing to see how folks figured out how to utilize an old book.

I did a two dimensional painting which I titled ” Possessing the Secret of Joy” after the title of and Alice Walker novel (one of my favorites books in my 20’s). The image is of a woman reading to a child. Her hair is composed of well over a hundred of hand rolled paper beads. The painting references my own connection to my children through reading. Reading aloud to my children has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of parenting for me. My kids and I have read hundreds of books and are regular (just about weekly) visitors to the Main Library. Through my kids I have rediscovered some amazing children’s books and consider myself a connoisseur of children’s literature.