Giving Thanks: 5 Things artists should be grateful about

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Just returned from a big delicious Thanksgiving feast with my family and I have too many blessings to count.  Here is a list of things that all artist (visual artists, writers, performers, filmmakers, and all creatives) should be thankful for:

1) You are your own boss

Nobody tells you when, where, or how to make your art. You call the shots and conversely your success and failure is largely up to you.

2) Art is a high calling

You are one of the lucky folks who have a passion. Many people spend their lives doing unfulfilling work and never find their true purpose. For most artists making arts goes beyond just doing something that makes them happy but their art becomes a part of their identity.

3) You see the world differently

Thanks to your beautiful right brain you see things differently. As an artist you will find inspiration in seemingly mundane things. I have always long admired comedians for their ability to make brilliant jokes out of simple observations. For many artists life becomes a  muse.  Art teaches you to observe life and the world and you can choose to replicate what you see or imagine a different reality. Right now the world needs more people loving, praying and art. More than ever the world needs artists just as much as it needs scientists, and engineers.

4) Great company

Many of the great movements in history are centered around a group of innovative and interesting people. As an artist you are probably in the company of other awesome artists and creative folks who make stuff happen. Nothing great happens in a vacuum.  It takes a community of people encouraging and helping each other to make great art and positive things happen.

5) Joy

This should really be self explanatory. Making art is a source of empowerment and joy.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy this list!

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