New Series: Something Blue

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We All Try Struggle and Progress Enchanted One Something Blue “Something Blue” has been a year in the works. It all started with a painting I did for a a group show called “Transitions” with Mother Artists at Work.  “Something Blue” was created using my shredded credit cards, a Swiss franc from a previous trip, and automobile glass collected from when someone broke my car windows and stole my car stereo. These objects might seem purely decorative but they directly tell my personal story about coming of age as a millennial.  “Something Blue” was the key painting which inspired my most recent body of work which relates to the young modern bride and the anticipation of matrimony. I created 12 new painting for this series and had the honor of exhibiting them in a solo show at NX Gallery. In my bride series I attempt to evoke the transitional nature of identity which becomes even more fluid and unstable when entering the state of marriage. Instead of presenting a commentary about marriage I am more interested in representing the emotions involved in this transitory stage of “becoming one with another.”

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