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Having an art history background I always feel compelled to find commonalities in art and categorize them. Whenever my husband and I  were out and about  we noticed that there are other local artists were working in themes similar to mine. Woman’s face and abstracted hair/and or body. As an avid pinner I also noticed similar themes being explored throughout the country. I was excited by the possibility that I was apart of something larger. My work and other artists doing similar work were making things that are the hallmark of the time we live in. Time will only tell but I couldn’t help but think that all these paintings that combine the human figure with abstracted hair could potentially signify a style and thematic preoccupation particular to this decade, or perhaps the century. Now I will be absolutely clear in saying that Gustav Klimt and other modernists are major influences in my work. Klimt did the same thing by rendering a realistic figure and juxtaposing it with a patterned surface which space became blurred (as most backgrounds and foregrounds in his paintings were indistinguishable) and abstract and figurative elements were harmoniously married together. As for my work I’m currently interested in marriage of other contrasts decorative/substantive, surface/metaphysical, intellectual/spiritual, emotion/thought, universal/specific, process/result to name a few.

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