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One of the main reasons I blog is to create a scrapbook of my past and current work. Otherwise I could forget some of the things I have done.

These are pics I dug up of my first installation exhibited in the Ohio Theater ticket booth in the heart of downtown Columbus. I was super excited to be picked as one of thirteen well known and amazing local artist apart of this public art project (CAP-UP)

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This piece titled “My Home” was part love letter and part personal history of my time in Columbus.

My plan with this installation was to create a piece that any Columbus resident can connect to. I constructed over 30 houses out of various materials to represent the economic, and social diversity of the city. Some houses were suspended in the air and also laid on top of a map of the city. If one were to observe closely they would find popular and also lesser known landmarks images are featured the map. Also, QR codes which contained the narratives of several Columbus residents (including my own) were embedded on several houses.

The end result was an intricate and layered art work that I am still proud of.

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