Love, Memory, Hope and Faith

So I am honored to be apart of another CAW (Creative Arts of Women) exhibit at High Road Gallery. Here are two pieces (out of four) fresh from the studio and made just for this show. Instead of my usual mixed media on canvas these beauties are made on canvas textured art board. The faces are still rendered in oil and the hair and background are done in acrylic. I utilized discarded book pages, handmade paper, and specialty origami paper ( lovingly and painstakingly brought back from a recent trip to the Japanese Center in SF).

The theme of this show is “House on Fire: What Really Matters” and so I titled my pieces after the things that would matter most to me if I lost all my material things. At the end of the day love, faith, hope and the memory what used to be would matter most in order to move forward.

love memory


Blast from the past pt. 1

This still remains one of my favorite paintings of all time. I did this one back in 2005. I started the hair series back in 2004 and have evolved the idea over the years. “Dviza” still hangs on my wall. I used to exhibit her often and I still lend her out from time to time,  but she can’t be bought for silver or gold.